Welcome to OrbixWeb V3.1!

This product supports the development of CORBA applications in Java.This release supports the OMG IDL/Java mapping and JDK 1.x / JDK 1.0.2 on Win32 and Solaris.

Before you use OrbixWeb 3.1, please read the Copyright and License Information.

The Release Notes contain up to date information on what has changed since OrbixWeb 3.0.

It's very important that you read the Release Notes before using OrbixWeb 3.1.
In this release, the demos have already been built and registered for your convenience; this means that you do not need to run putit or chmodit before running them.

The following are links to documentation in this release:

Any late-breaking information will be available on our website .

Last modified: Aug 13 1998.