EA773 (PT-BR) - 2s2015


Music Information Retrieval
New Interfaces for Musical Expression
Computational Ethnomusicology
Machine Listening


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List of publications (and PDF files)

Auxiliary Material for Select Projects

MOTUS, an interactive audiovisual experience (requires Chrome, a webcam, and will be noisy)

Descrevendo o Som (PT-BR) Slides, Whitepaper, Video
AnĂ¡lise Sonora Assistida por Computador (PT-BR) Slides
Query-by-Multiple-Examples: Content-Based Search in Computer-Assisted Sound-Based Musical Composition (2014). Paper, dataset and demonstration.
Color and Emotion Caused by Auditory Stimuli (2014). Paper, poster and results.
Sonification of population behavior in Particle Swarm Optimization (2013) Paper, extended paper, poster, source code and results.
Real-time event sequencing without a visual interface (2013). Poster, source code and sound examples.
Unsupervised Training of Detection Threshold for Polyphonic Musical Note Tracking Based on Event Periodicity (2013). Source code and presentation slides.
Physical modeling and hybrid synthesis for the gyil african xylophone (2012). Source code.