Ramon dos Reis Fontes, PhD Student
UNICAMP - University of Campinas
Shcool of Electrical and Computer Enginnering (FEEC)
Department of Computer Engineering and Industrial Automation (DCA)
Information & Networking Technologies Research & Innovation Group (INTRIG)

Short Bio

Currently a PhD Student at School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (FEEC) at UNICAMP. I hold a Master Degree in University of Salvador (UNIFACS) in Computing Systems.

Research Interests

  • C.2.1 [Network Architecture and Design]: Network Topology
  • C.2.2 [Network Protocols]: Routing Protocols
  • C.2.5 [Local and Wide-Area Networks]: Internet
  • C.2.m [Miscellaneous]: Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Future Internet Architectures (FIA)
  • Publications: Conferences

    Ramon dos Reis Fontes, Samira Afzal, Samuel Henrique Bucke Brito, Mateus Augusto Silva Santos, Christian Esteve Rothenberg.
    "Mininet-WiFi: Emulating Software-Defined Wireless Networks".
    In CNSM International Workshop on Management of SDN and NFV Systems 2015. Barcelona, Spain. 2015.

    Ramon dos Reis Fontes, Christian Esteve Rothenberg.
    "Towards an Emulator for Software-Defined Wireless Networks.".
    SwitchOn, 2015, São Paulo. SwitchOn, 2015.

    Ramon dos Reis Fontes, Christian Esteve Rothenberg.
    "Emulando Redes WiFi com o Mininet-WiFi".
    In VIII Encontro dos Alunos e Docentes do Departamento de Engenharia de Computacao e Automacao Industrial (EADCA) da FEEC/Unicamp. Campinas, SP, Brazil. Sep 10-11, 2015.

    Samuel Henrique Bucke Brito, Mateus Augusto Silva Santos, Ramon dos Reis Fontes, Danny Alex Lachos Perez, Christian Esteve Rothenberg.
    "Anatomia do Ecossistema de Pontos de Troca de Trafego Publicos na Internet do Brasil".
    In XXXIII Simposio Brasileiro de Redes de Computadores (SBRC). Vitoria, ES, Brazil. May 18-22, 2015.

    Ramon dos Reis Fontes, Paulo Nazareno Maia Sampaio.
    "Visual Network Description: A Customizable GUI for the Creation of Software Defined Network Simulations".
    The European Multidisciplinary Society for Modelling and Simulation Technology / European Simulation Multiconference (ESM). Lancaster, UK. 2013.

    Authoring Tools

    Visual Network Description (VND). "Access VND.".

    Mininet-WiFi. "Source Code".

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