VRML 2.0 - An Introductory view by examples


  L.P. Magalhães ,  A.B. Raposo ,  F.S. Tamiosso 
beta version b2 - Sept 18th, 97

You are entering a VRML 2.0 tutorial   (for b&w-monitors)  prepared in both Institutions Unicamp
and U. of Waterloo (DCA  and 
 CGL) but of total responsibility 
of the authors. 

This tutorial is being prepared for people interested in having a first contact with VRML 2.0 (here called beginners) and also for people interested in taking a look in all VRML 2.0 functionality (here called advanced users). It is free for non-commercial purpose.

The authors would appreciate comments on the text leopini@dca.fee.unicamp.br . You can obtain a copy of this tutorial here.