Research Topics

Prof. Léo Pini Magalhães

Visual Mental Images

Keywords: brain rendering, brain image synthesis, CBIR

This topic is dedicated to the study of image generation (synthesis) by the brain. Images are retrieved and "viewed", partially or totally from the brain memory, or are retrived, combined and "viewed" or simple (how ?) generated and viewed. Currently the topic CBIR was added to our interest in this area.

Coordination in Computer (animation) environments

Keywords: coordination process, coordination and computation, petri nets

This area initiated with an emphasis on animation process coordination and developped to coordination of computing processes.

Computer Animation and Rendering

Keywords: animation control and modeling applied to crowds; cscw and animation; petri-nets; agents.

The following objectives drive the efforts related to this topic:

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Current Graduate Students

Ph.D.: Agnus Horta - Area: Content Based Image Retrieval

Last update: September 2014