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Welcome to my personal website.
Here you will find my contact information and my work related to the University of Campinas on the Department of Computer Engineering and Industrial Automation of the School of Electrical and Computing Engineering.

I am currently a PhD. candidate on Electric Engineering with emphasis on Computing Engineering, under orientation of Prof. Roberto de Alencar Lotufo on the area of Image Processing, studying parallel algorithms.

My work is mostly developed on Adessowiki, which is a platform for collaborative work. Visit us and contact us if you have interest on using it.

Topics of interest


Email: korbes@dca.fee.unicamp.br

Computing and Automation Laboratory: +55 19 352-10231

Mail address:

Av. Albert Einstein - 400
Cidade Universitária Zeferino Vaz
Distrito Barão Geraldo
13083-852 - Campinas-SP - Brasil


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Department of Computing and Automation - DCA

School of Electric and Computing Engineering - FEEC

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