The Toolbox for the KHOROS System

Mathematical Morphology is a general theory that studies decompositions of operators between complete lattices in terms of some families of simple operators: dilations, erosions, anti-dilations and anti-erosions. Nowadays, this theory is largely used in Computer Vision to extract information from images. The KHOROS system is an open and general environment for Image Processing and Visualization that has become very popular. One of the main characteristics of KHOROS is its flexibility, since it runs on standard machines, supports several standard data formats, has a visual programming language interface, and tools to help the user build and install his own programs. A set of new programs can be organized as a subsystem, called Toolbox.

The MMach Toolbox deals with 1D signals, binary images, gray-scale images and multiple band images. Each family of morphological operators is presented as a sub-menu of the toolbox main menu.