Páginas sobre o PGP no WWW

Abaixo encontra-se uma lista com algumas páginas relacionadas com o PGP. Ela foi compilada por Ståle Schumacher. Se você sabe de alguma outra página sobre o PGP que não consta na lista abaixo, e acha que ela deveria ser adicionada a essas páginas, por favor entre em contato.


Páginas "oficiais" sobre o PGP

* The Unofficial International PGP Home Page (by Steve Crompton)
* The WWW Virtual Library PGP page (Fran Litterio's PGP page)
* www.pgp.net - the PGP keyserver network
* PGP-Users Mailing List Home Page
* Yahoo's list of PGP pages

Páginas sobre o PGP feitas por outras pessoas

* Keith's UK International PGP Home Page
* mathew's PGP page
* Alf's PGP page
* Noel Bell's PGP page
* Nat Queen's PGP page
* Marvin George's PGP page
* Jim's PGP page
* Galactus' PGP page
* The Mailander's Crypto Chamber
* Mr. Tines' PGP page
* Mike Babcock's PGP Page
* Ali Salari's PGP & Electronic Security Domain

Páginas sobre criptografia e privacidade em geral

* Cryptography, PGP and Your Privacy (Fran Litterio)
* Anonymity, remailers and your privacy (Galactus)
* PGP links and anonymous FAQs (Wil Ussery)
* Quadralay's Cryptography Archive (Brian Combs)
* Cryptorebels and Cypherpunks (Vince Cate)
* MCIP HomePage (Macintosh Cryptography)
* Stephen's Crypto Homepage.
* Alan's Cryptography Page
* Croatian Cryptography Reference Center
* National Cryptologic Museum
* Interview with Phil Zimmermann 2/2/96
*NSClean and IEClean - programs to delete cookies and other information from Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer

Páginas "políticas"

* The Philip Zimmermann Legal Defense Fund
* Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
* Have you exported PGP today - a fun symbolic protest against the unconstitutional ITARs
* export-a-crypto-system-sig (tm) and the munitions T-shirt
* European Governments Agree to Ban Strong Crypto [from comp.risks]
* talk.politics.crypto: Cryptography in a political context

Newsgroups relacionados com o PGP, criptografia e privacidade

* comp.security.pgp.announce: Announcements of new PGP versions, tools, FAQs, etc.
* comp.security.pgp.discuss: Generall discussion on PGP
* comp.security.pgp.resources: Pointers to PGP resources
* comp.security.pgp.tech: Technical details about PGP
* alt.security.pgp: Discussions on PGP
* alt.security: General discussions on security
* sci.crypt: Discussions on cryptography
* alt.privacy: General discussions on privacy

Outras páginas relacionadas com o PGP

* How to order PGP T-shirts
* Information = Knowledge = Power
* (Power)Mac Crypto FTP Site


PGP home page in Republic of China, Taiwan Province


Elektronisk post - en privat sag


PGP binnen SURFnet


La page de reference internationale de PGP
Comment installer et configurer PGP
PGP: La theorie, la pratique, la politique, les rumeurs
L'utilisation du chiffrement en France
"Pretty Good Privacy" Cryptographie et vie privee
"Un système de chiffrement sûr, enfin à la portée de tous"


PGP Information
Pretty Good Privacy
Mannheimer PGP-Seite
Pretty Good Privacy (book by Simson Garfinkel)


Nimrod's PGP page
PGP User's Guide
Guida Pratica a PGP


Japanese PGP home page
How to use MacPGP 2.6.3i
Quiz on PGP
PGP-aware email client


PGP web page in Korean


PGP-hjemmeside for Norge
En kort innføring i bruk av PGP
Artikkel om PGP i UNINyTT nr. 1 1995
Universitetet i Tromsøs PGP-nøkkelserver
Norsk språkmodul for PGP 2.6.3i


Opis systemu PGP dla laika


PGP User's Guide
Todo sobre el PGP
Páginas PGP para la Comunidad de RedIRIS
Correo Electrónico Seguro


Svenska PGP sidan
Varför behöver du PGP ?

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